Growth & Productivity Together they spell increased profitability.

Apart, you're missing the boat. Grow too fast without productivity and you might even shipwreck.

Whether you feel like you’re at the mercy of the market for growth, or you just can’t turn the growth you get into increased profitability, you found the right place. It takes an expanded view of growth and a different, more detailed view of productivity.
Here’s how to see more opportunity and turn it into higher profitability…

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Expand Your Vision Grow on More Than One Front at a Time

Want to grow profitably and on more than one front at a time?
The most successful growth companies learn how to grow on multiple fronts. But there is a sequence to their science. First, tune up your core business. Maximize positions with best customers. Take share from competitors customers. Learn how to create demand by marketing problems, not solutions. Then move into the most powerful growth strategies: Adjacencies. Here's how...

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Put This Under The Hood As you grow, this engine turns sales growth into profit at an INCREASING rate.

Market share and density of business in a territory give you an opportunity to apply greater productivity in operations, sales and with customers. It's not enough by itself. Make the most of that growth by first making business processes more efficient to get greater output for the input in each business function.
Find out where and how...

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Luck Favors Those With A Plan And so do manufacturers. One of the biggest complaints among distributors and suppliers is the lack of quality market and sales planning. Here’s a solution: use my “STAR” system (Strategic Targeting and Review). You’ll see how to get the right supplier input BEFORE meetings, create effective plans with suppliers, conduct internal sales reviews and get after market opportunities with suppliers. Ahead of competitors.
Silence the complaining! Here’s how to get moving…

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The most successful growth companies grow on more than one front at a time. But there is a CRITICAL sequence to deploying types of growth strategies. Plus, you need to be ready for growth to make money on it. Here's how...


& Profitability
Want to increase your rate of profit as you grow? Start by making your company the most automated, process oriented, lean engine possible. Productivity requires the right metrics and best practices by function. Is your company using them? Find out here...


& Sales
The key to joint channel partner planning is listening to each other's objectives and deciding what you will DO together, focusing on lead products you will promote, how you will promote them and who the target accounts will be. For peak productivity, you need a templated process. Sample it here......

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From best practices audits by company function to complete strategic planning and executing with suppliers and sales, Shamrock Growth's Neil Gillespie is a veteran. One that knows how to get your team focused on both growth and productivity initiatives so you increase profitability as you grow. One that can help you gain the cooperation of your key suppliers so they grow with you vs other distributors in the territory. Most importantly, one that knows how all these these things combine to increase the value of your company and return on equity.

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Channel Engine


Need a better position in the channel? Or, need to grow with current channel partners? Assuming your products are competitive, it's all about having the right reps, distributors, planning with them and executing with them. Neil Gillespie is a highly successful veteran of channel management for both manufacturers and distributors. He has created channel planning systems  and distributor incentive programs for major manufacturers in addition to major supplier marketing and sales disciplines for some of the best independent distributors in the land. Neil knows  how to integrate the efforts of all channel players: manufacturers, reps, distributors.

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