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Neil has an unusual skill set in both the financial and marketing disciplines, a rare blend of analytical and creative skills and orientation, and has had success in both the manufacturer and wholesale distributor worlds. He has also consulted to some of the leading wholesale distribution ERP system providers and the Industry Data Exchange Association.  His marketing programs have won awards by marketing groups and industry associations. When you need someone to understand what you do and communicate it, Neil is outstanding. When you need to understand your customers and innovate new services, you came to the right guy. When you need someone to diagnose your productivity issues and trace them to the root causes, that's Neil Gillespie. When you need someone to create a discipline and value added program to work with your channel partners to build market share, sales growth and new product penetration, Neil is the man.
If you want to know how to work with your channel partner to enlist their strongest support in your trading areas, Neil is one of the best. Neil has designed channel management and channel marketing programs for some of the biggest and best manufacturers in the industry. He has also completed and assisted in the execution of strategic business plans and marketing plans for some of the most successful independent distributors in the country. From high level positioning to street level maneuvers, he's an incisive strategist that can make you the favored player among your channel partners as well as surgically incisive with competitors.
When you work with Neil Gillespie, he is fully committed to your success and will refrain from working with your direct competitors for an agreed minimum period of time.
Neil Gillespie has a passion for building the more efficient engine - your business. It's a matter of pride and delight for him, and a commitment to you that he will do it this way. Many distributors think that growth alone will get them well into the black. But it is rarely true, and Neil will not let you do this. Says client Sam McCamy, "Neil needs to know how you can make money first before he goes into creative mode. Then and only then will you see him come up with the best marketing program you have ever done." (Note, Neil helped Sam grow his distribution business 500% over 10 years and improve the net profit from 2.5% to over 10% EBITDA).
One of Neil's most successful clients, Bob Zamarrippa, said of Neil, "He's different from most consultants. He actually does work that you need". Enough said.
A former client referred to Neil as "A Freak of nature" for his considerable skills manipulating data into answers and conclusions. If you're swimming in data and wondering what it says, Neil will make it speak to you. Got cash flow issues? Can't get critical staff to understand cash flow and improve it? Need to find out which customers are profitable and how to improve profitability of customers that are not vs "firing" them? It's all in the transaction data. Neil will show you where and what to do about it.



Neil has worked for 5 divisions of General Electric Company including GE Corporate Headquarters, Eaton Corporation, and has consulted to Thomas and Betts and Siemens Energy & Automation. His worked ranged from the highly strategic (Distribution channel planning, distributor incentive programs) to the tactical (teaching distributors how to promote). Neil also helped clients build distributor databases for planning, market size and share estimation systems and manufacturers reps planning systems. These disciplines and databases helped manufacturer clients choose the right distributors and consolidate rep agencies to maximize market share and productivity.


Neil created strategic plans for multiple distributors which resulted in outstanding growth and profitability. His biggest successes are showcased in his book "Discover Your Core, Then Go For More." Neil also consulted to OneSource Distributors, assisting them with a value added services platform, "The Power of OneSource"  that was awarded an industry Best of The Best award from NAED's TED magazine.


Neil has consulted to both Activant Eclipse and Infor Global Solutions on product planning, marketing and sales issues. Neil has also consulted to VMI service provider datalliance on developing the distributor channel to embrace the VMI model, producing a webinar series too attract distributors. He also created strategic growth plans for the IDW2 and the IDX2 for IDEA, the Industry Data Exchange  Association.

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Awards and Distinguishments


Marketing Programs

Neil's client Roden Electrical Supply (now part of Kendall Electric) won multiple awards for his marketing programs, storeroom management services and website designs from both IMARK and NAED.


Advertising & Sales Promotion

Neil's client OneSource Distributors won an NAED TED magazine Best of the Best Award for Marketing and Sales Collateral: "The Power of OneSource". The program promoted the benefits of a range of value added supply chain and eCommerce services to customers.



Neil has published over 50 articles in TED magazine, Electrical Wholesaling and Industrial Supply magazine. He has also published a book on profitable growth: "Discover Your Core, Then Go For More." The book chronicles growth strategies of some of the fastest growing and most profitable distributors in the industry.